Background Documents

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Public Scoping Report

Donlin Gold Project EIS – Scoping Report (1.3 MB)
Appendix A: Scoping Materials (8.3 MB)
Appendix B: Tribal Consultation Materials (1.8 MB)
Appendix C: Cooperating Agency Scoping Materials (12.0 MB)
Appendix D: Index of Agency and Public Scoping Comments (214 kb)
Appendix E: Public Scoping Comments (190.8 MB)
Appendix F: Cooperating Agency Scoping Comments (15.7 MB)

Notice of Intent

Permit Application Documents

Plan of Operations, Table of Contents and Executive Summaries (819 kb)

Volume I: Project Description (4.8 MB)
Volume II: Water Resources Management Plan (7.6 MB)
Volume III: Integrated Waste Management Plan (1.5 MB)
Volume IIIA: Monitoring Plan (3.5 MB)
Volume IIIB: Waste Rock Management Plan (2.0 MB)
Volume VI: Transportation Plan (13.9 MB)
Volume VI A: Terminal and Tank Farm Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan (4.3 MB)
Volume VI B: Vessel Operations Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan (16.3 MB)

Natural Gas Pipeline Plan of Development (7.1 MB)
Appendix A: Strip Maps and Land Status (8.1 MB)
Appendix B: Line List (650 kb)
Appendix C: Geotechnical Survey Data (1.8 MB)
Appendix D: Stream Crossings and Aquatic Studies (10.9 MB)
Appendix E: Engineering Typicals (2.7 MB)
Appendix F: Construction Plan and Schedule (142 kb)
Appendix G: Right-of-Way Typicals (9.8 MB)
Appendix H: Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan (2.1 MB)

Environmental Evaluation Documents
Chapter 1: Introduction (826 kb)
Chapter 2: Project Description (17.7 MB)
Chapter 3: Affected Environment (73.9 MB)
Chapter 4: Impacts (40.7 MB)
Chapter 5: Alternatives Reviewed (15.1 MB)
Chapter 6: Outreach and Community Coordination (739 kb)
Chapter 7: References (733 kb)

Permit Application to Alaska Department of Natural Resources

Lease Application for Pipeline Right of Way (3.0 MB)
Lease Application for Pipeline Right of Way Notice (53 kb)

Project Maps

Figure 1-1: Project Location (586 kb)
Figure 1-2: Regional Land Status (201 kb)
Figure 2-10: Basic Route of Mine Roads (6.2 MB)
Figure 2-11: Location of Proposed Natural Gas Pipeline Route (1.0 MB)
Figure 2-12: General Arrangement (16.2 MB)


Scoping Posters

Scoping Poster 1: Overview (449 kb)
Scoping Poster 2: NEPA Process (396 kb)
Scoping Poster 3: Pipeline & Power (606 kb)
Scoping Poster 4: Minesite (487 kb)
Scoping Poster 5: Mill Processing (282 kb)
Scoping Poster 6: Infrastructure (374 kb)