Background Documents

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Public Scoping Report

Donlin Gold Project EIS – Scoping Report (1.3 MB)
Appendix A: Scoping Materials (8.3 MB)
Appendix B: Tribal Consultation Materials (1.8 MB)
Appendix C: Cooperating Agency Scoping Materials (12.0 MB)
Appendix D: Index of Agency and Public Scoping Comments (214 kb)
Appendix E: Public Scoping Comments (190.8 MB)
Appendix F: Cooperating Agency Scoping Comments (15.7 MB)

Notice of Intent

Permit Application Documents

Plan of Operations, Table of Contents and Executive Summaries (819 kb)

Volume I: Project Description (4.8 MB)
Volume II: Water Resources Management Plan (7.6 MB)
Volume III: Integrated Waste Management Plan (1.5 MB)
Volume IIIA: Monitoring Plan (3.5 MB)
Volume IIIB: Waste Rock Management Plan (2.0 MB)
Volume VI: Transportation Plan (13.9 MB)
Volume VI A: Terminal and Tank Farm Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan (4.3 MB)
Volume VI B: Vessel Operations Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan (16.3 MB)

Natural Gas Pipeline Plan of Development (5.3 MB)

Environmental Evaluation Documents
Chapter 1: Introduction (826 kb)
Chapter 2: Project Description (17.7 MB)
Chapter 3: Affected Environment (73.9 MB)
Chapter 4: Impacts (40.7 MB)
Chapter 5: Alternatives Reviewed (15.1 MB)
Chapter 6: Outreach and Community Coordination (739 kb)
Chapter 7: References (733 kb)

Project Maps

Figure 1-1: Project Location (586 kb)
Figure 1-2: Regional Land Status (201 kb)
Figure 2-10: Basic Route of Mine Roads (6.2 MB)
Figure 2-11: Location of Proposed Natural Gas Pipeline Route (1.0 MB)
Figure 2-12: General Arrangement (16.2 MB)


Scoping Posters

Scoping Poster 1: Overview (449 kb)
Scoping Poster 2: NEPA Process (396 kb)
Scoping Poster 3: Pipeline & Power (606 kb)
Scoping Poster 4: Minesite (487 kb)
Scoping Poster 5: Mill Processing (282 kb)
Scoping Poster 6: Infrastructure (374 kb)