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Donlin Gold Project EIS Newsletters:

  1. Newsletter #1 - Introduction and Scoping Process Begins (17.2 MB)
    December 2012
    Provides a basic introduction to the project, schedule & ways to get involved.
  2. Newsletter #2 - Scoping Results (1.8 MB)
    August 2013
    Provides a summary of the public scoping process and issues raised.
  3. Newsletter #3 - Development of Alternatives (1.4 MB)
    July 2014
    Summarizes the range of alternatives the Draft EIS will analyze and how the Corps developed them.
  4. Newsletter #4 - How to Get the Most from the Draft EIS (1.8 MB)
    April 2015
    Introduces topics and key issues that will be addressed in the Draft EIS.
  5. Newsletter #5 - Draft EIS Released (3.9 MB)
    November 2015
    Announces the review period for the Draft EIS, including public hearing dates & locations.
  6. Newsletter #6 - Public Comment Review
    Estimated summer 2016
    Will summarize public comments on Draft EIS.
  7. Newsletter #7 - Final EIS Released
    Estimated mid-2017
    Will announce availability of Final EIS & explain next steps for project.